Techni-Glass announces $1.5 million expansion, 54 new jobs in Hawkins

The Techni-Glass plant at Hawkins County’s Phipps Bend Industrial Park will be completing a $1.5 million expansion before the end of the year that should result in more than 50 new jobs over the next two years.

What is Techni-Glass?

The company was founded in 1997 with only five employees doing only glass screen printing in a 15,000-square-foot facility. The company currently has 100 employees and manufactures a wide variety of glass products.

Techni-Glass specializes in double edging, CNC cutting, CNC milling, roll coating, tempering and laminating glass products.

Among the products they produce are glass for wood doors, recreational vehicle glass, horse trailer windows, shower doors, basketball backboards, hockey rink glass walls, aquariums, refrigeration glass, glass railings, furniture, greenhouses, cooler doors, lighting, mirrors and more.

Why expand now?

Techni-Glass President and CEO Pat Murphy noted that this is the fifth expansion in the 20-year history of the company.

“We have picked up some new contracts, but overall business with existing customers is up as well,” Murphy said. “We probably serve 25-30 different industries. We picked up some new accounts in the past year or so, and certainly that’s driving the expansion.”

Murphy added, “I am extremely thankful for the exceptional cooperation and support from the state of Tennessee and the individuals from NETWORKS Sullivan Partnership and the Hawkins County Industrial Development Board who assisted Techni-Glass in its expansion.”

What’s the timeline for completion and new hiring?

The current goal is to add about 54 new manufacturing positions over the next two years. Murphy said some products will be starting up and/or expanding next year.

“We’re putting a new tempering furnace in and also the support equipment to go with that and a building expansion of about 17,000 square feet,” Murphy said. “The facility should be completed by the end of the year. The building is completed and electrical is almost done. The new furnace will be running in about four weeks.”

Reaction to the announcement.

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe: “I want to thank Techni-Glass for choosing to expand in Surgoinsville and for creating over 50 new jobs in Hawkins County. This is the third announcement we have had in Hawkins County since May, and it is great news that Techni-Glass is helping us continue this momentum in Hawkins County and the state of Tennessee by expanding here.”

Hawkins County Industrial Development Board Chairman Larry Elkins: “I would like to thank Techni-Glass for its continued support and investment in Hawkins County. This just proves that Hawkins County remains strong in job creation. We are excited about this expansion and look forward to the positive impact these jobs and investment will have on the citizens of Hawkins County. We are positive Techni-Glass will remain strong and continue to grow and prosper.”

Source: Jeff Bobo | | October 23, 2017

techniglassTechni-Glass announces $1.5 million expansion, 54 new jobs in Hawkins