SGCC-Certified Architectural Glass Producer

Techni-Glass Is Certified To Meet National Quality And Safety Standards.

As a Construction Manager, Designer, Project Manager, or Contractor, are you confident in the safety and quality of the architectural glass you use in your projects? With Techni-Glass, you can be. Techni-Glass is an SGCC Certified Plant and has been since inception, but not all architectural glass plants meet the same safety standards as Techni-Glass. In fact, Techni-Glass is one of only 11 SGCC Certified Plants in Tennessee. What exactly does that mean? Here’s some more information about architectural glass and the certification that guarantees safety.

What Is Architectural Glass?

Architectural glass is glass that is used as a building material. Architectural glass is all around you – in your home, office, the businesses you visit. It makes up our doors, windows, light fixtures, and more. Be it a glass wall, a sliding glass door, glass furniture, or a glass shower door – it’s important that it was built in a way that protects the people who use it.

What Does It Mean To Be SGCC Certified?

Techni-Glass, Inc.’s architectural glass meets national and federal safety and quality standards established in ANSI Z97.1, CPSC 16 CFR 1201 and CAN/CGSB 12.1. We voluntarily submitted our architectural glass products to an approved, independent lab to be subjected to rigorous safety and quality testing.

SGCC Architectural Glass Safety Certification Keeps You Safe.

While we all use architectural glass everyday, we probably don’t consider the SGCC Certification process when we walk through a glass door. However, that process is protecting us in the case of mishaps. The safety certification process for architectural glass protects everyone from builders to end-users.

“Builders take comfort in the fact that the SGCC-certified glass they handle and install has met industry standards. Building owners are afforded an extra degree of risk minimization through third-party review. And — whether they know it or not — occupants benefit from the rigorous testing that precedes SGCC certification. Moreover, the SGCC listing and safety label are handy, visible assurances for code-enforcement officials charged with the responsibility of ensuring safe building construction in our nation’s homes, workplaces, and public spaces.” ― SGCC

Techni-Glass is proud that our architectural glass products have been subjected to rigorous safety testing and certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council.

If you have questions about architectural glass, or if you’re ready to start a project, Techni-Glass can help. From greenhouses to glass fencing to custom glass furniture or doors, we have the industry expertise to take your project to the next level. From large repeatable orders to large custom orders with variations to each item to small custom orders and everything in between – our finely tuned processes provide you with a flexible fabrication partner to service your needs. Contact us via the form below to get started.

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