How to Insulate Windows and Doors to Stay Warm this Winter

Check out these insulating tips for your doors and windows to stay warm AND reduce your energy costs this winter!


The first thing you’ll want to do is check for obvious drafts around your windows and doors. Add new weatherstripping around windows and doors where necessary to prevent cold air from blowing in.

Door Sweeps

Next, you’ll also want to check for drafts under your external doors. It’s not a bad idea to place door sweeps under all external doors, even if you don’t notice a draft. Further, you can also lower your heating costs by closing off vents in rooms you don’t spend much time in and keeping those doors closed and sealed with a door sweep. This will prevent you from heating empty space.

For a quick fix, you can roll up an old towel and place it at the bottom of drafty doors.

Heavy Curtains and Shades

Heavy curtains can help keep the heat inside your home. There are thermal curtains you can purchase to take this tip to the next level, but any thick curtain is better than nothing. For extra effectiveness, layer your curtains on top of cellular shades.

The only downside is that in order to be effective, the curtains and shades have to be closed. If you need natural light in the winter, just remember to close them when it gets dark out.

Window Film

Window film is an easy way to add an extra layer of insulation directly to your windows. You can find this product at stores like Lowes or Walmart. Simply stick the film to your windows, and use a blow dryer to seal it.

Your windows will not be perfectly clear with the film on top of them, so you may want to first apply to a less visible window in your home to make sure the look does not bother you.

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