Cutting-Edge Glass Technologies

Glass’s unique properties put it at the cutting-edge of technology. Glass is resistant to corrosion, scratches, and thermal shock. Glass reflects, bends, transmits, and absorbs light. These properties and more are why glass has become a part of our everyday lives, found in architecture, transportation, technology, and so much more. Glass also enables progress in medical research, space exploration, and optics.

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Cutting-Edge Research

Fundamental research on the structure and chemical makeup of glass is required to further expand on the properties of glass. Notable glass research topics include:

  • Smart glass
  • Switchable glazing
  • Photosensitive glazing
  • Electrochromic glazing
  • Anti-reflective properties
  • Clean energy generation
  • Functional integrations in glass
  • Audio glass

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Cutting-Edge Opportunities

The future of glass is full of unlimited possibilities. With advancements in research, the future of glass could involve:

  • Smart containers
    • Glass bottles change color depending on the temperature of the contained liquid
    • Interactive drinking glasses
  • Mirrors that assess your health
  • Jewelry that reads your body temperature
  • Windows that power your car
  • Better glass
    • As glass becomes stronger, thinner, lighter, more scratch resistant, bendable, and available in more complex shapes, new products and opportunities will continue to emerge across all industries

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Techni-Glass is excited to be part of the future of glass. What do you see in the future of glass? With the advancements of the glass industry as a whole and Techni-Glass’s wide and expanding range of custom glass fabrication capabilities, the results are limited only by your imagination.

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