Prep Your Windows For Spring In 4 Steps

Spring is on the way! With the official start to spring less than a week away, warmer weather is already arriving across the country. For many homeowners, spring cleaning accompanies this seasonal rise in temperatures and increase in rainfall.

Following a frigid winter, your windows may need some extra attention. Freezing temperatures can cause windows to separate from the frame. Ice can cause cracks in window sealant or caulking. Rain can cause rot.

Make sure to include the windows in your spring cleaning routine so you can enjoy the extra sunlight in your home!

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1. Inspect Your Windows

Start by inspecting the windows in your home, noting any issues and your plans for resolution. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Cracked seals
  • Insulation gaps
  • Issues with accessories like blinds and curtains
  • Cracked glass
  • Peeling paint
  • Discoloration

Don’t forget to check your skylights and storm doors too!

2. Clean Your Windows

Your windows should be cleaned once or twice a year, and spring is the perfect time to take care of this. Start with these simple steps:

  • Gather supplies: a squeegee, a micro-fiber cloth, and all-purpose cleaner
  • Start inside: clean the glass on the inside with all-purpose cleaner
  • Dry the window: immediately wipe the glass dry to avoid streaks
  • Clean the sill: rid the window sill of any dust
  • Repeat outside: use an extension pole attached to a squeegee for hard-to-reach windows

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3. Clean Your Screens and Replace Broken Ones

As the weather gets warmer, more and more insects will look to take refuge in your home. Ensure your window screens are in tip-top shape to keep the bugs out.

First, check all of your screens for rips and tears, and replace broken screens. Next, clean screens with a buildup of residue or dust. To do so, remove the screen, spray it with water, and gently scrub the screen with soap and a soft bristled brush.

4. Lubricate Window Hardware

Since windows are used less in the winter, debris can settle into the moving parts, making them harder to operate. To help with this, lubricate window hinges and tracks with a silicone-based lubricant.

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Taking care of your windows goes beyond aesthetics. Proper window maintenance also makes your windows easier to use and prolongs the life of your windows by preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

Now you are ready to welcome spring into your home through your windows!

techniglassPrep Your Windows For Spring In 4 Steps