America’s Glass Container Shortage

U.S. business owners across a range of industries are facing a glass container shortage. The problem isn’t a lack of glass; it’s a supply chain issue.

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Back in the 90’s, many glass manufacturers began relocating across the ocean. Fast forward to now – most container glass in the U.S. is imported, and that container glass is just one victim of the international logistics backlog plaguing industries across the U.S. Until shipping ports around the world clear up, which will likely not be before the end of 2021, here are some of the ways U.S. businesses are getting around the glass bottle issue.

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Some businesses are temporarily replacing glass packaging with packaging made from other materials, like cardboard or ceramic.

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Other businesses are looking to incorporate more recycled glass by going circular as a long-term solution. For example, Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skincare plans to reach out to customers to find out if they’re willing to sell or trade old glass jars. The company has also increased their wholesale sales, selling their product to local stores in gallon jugs that customers use to refill their own containers. In addition to reducing plastic use, the company says this approach has cut costs by about 25%.

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Some business owners were able to stay ahead of the shortage by ordering more than they needed in advance, before the shortage went into full swing.

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