Techni-Glass: 5-Star Team

In 1997, Techni-Glass opened with 5 employees. Over the next 25 years, we’ve grown our team to over 100 and have been recognized as one of the Top 40 Employers in Hawkins County by the Tri-Cities Business Journal.

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Techni-Glass employees undergo extensive training to become skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of our processes, products, and equipment, enabling them to anticipate problems before they happen. Our team works closely with customers to provide high-quality, cost-efficient solutions.

We know our team is the secret to our success, so employee safety and satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

5-Star Workplace

Here’s what some of our 5-star employees have to say about working at Techni-Glass:

“Good people to work for and good environment”

“Techni-Glass employs over 100 people, many of whom have been there longer than 10 years, as well as several who have been there since the company opened its doors [over] 20 years ago.” – Corey

“Co-workers are easy to get along with, supervisors are very responsible for their department and willing to work with you.”

“Loved working here!” – Kayla

“Very family friendly environment, very good pay, nice hours, good opportunities, nice employees, always very positive people willing to teach you new things.”

“Great place to work” – Norma

“Good work, good pay, and the owner is fair”

“If you are a hard-working individual looking for a job that offers competitive wages and great benefits, I would highly recommend you attempt to get on at Techni-Glass.” – Corey

“Very good opportunity.”

Some reviews have been amended for length and clarity.

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techniglassTechni-Glass: 5-Star Team