Women’s Contributions to the Glass Industry

With March being National Women’s History Month, Techni-Glass wants to celebrate and honor women’s contributions to the glass industry past, present, and future. This article highlights just a few of the many women whose contributions were integral to the evolving capabilities and types of glass.

Jeanne Villepreux-Power and the Glass Aquarium

In 1832, French naturalist Jeanne Villepreux-Power was trying to prove that the paper nautilus doesn’t take discarded shells from other organisms, but rather grows its own shell. To study the creature for an extended period of time, she invented a glass aquarium.

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Mary Anderson and Windshield Wipers

After receiving a patent in 1903, Anderson tried to sell her new windshield cleaning device to a manufacturer, who refused, stating that her invention lacked practical value. Her windshield wipers failed to take off before her patent expired and it was 10 years before a similar device became standard on cars.

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Katharine Blodgett and Low-Reflection Glass

In 1935, glass wasn’t nearly as useful or reliable as it is today until Katharine Blodgett’s revolutionary non-reflective glass coating was invented. Her invention has proven to be very valuable in making camera lenses, microscopes, and eyeglasses. World War II found further uses for Blodgett’s glass, which appeared in airplane spy cameras and submarine periscopes.

We appreciate the efforts of not just the women listed above but all the other women working in glass manufacturing, especially the women who work for Techni-Glass. If you’re interested in learning more about Techni-Glass or if you have a project in mind, please reach out to us with the form below.

techniglassWomen’s Contributions to the Glass Industry