Bird-Safe Glass

When properly cleaned and streak-free, the transparent nature of glass can make it almost imperceivable. We’ve all walked into a glass door, mistaking it for an open pathway. In most cases, our ego takes the brunt of the blow. Unfortunately, this can be a much costlier mistake for birds, unable to distinguish between real vegetation and reflections of vegetation in glass. Experts estimate that as many as 1 billion birds may die every year as a result of flying into glass.

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Fortunately, researchers have come together to devise solutions to this issue. “Bird-safe glass” is designed with a pattern on the glass to distort reflections and help birds recognize the glass as a solid barrier.

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Many homeowners put bird-safe film over their windows to prevent birds from flying into their windows, and many cities nationwide have mandatory or voluntary bird-friendly glass building codes.

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Bird-safe glass is a top priority at the National Aviary in Pittsburg. The National Aviary is home to over 500 birds of many different species, including the endangered blue-billed curassow. Not only does the Aviary worry about outside birds hitting the glass, they also have to protect the birds inside. Luckily, the Aviary just completed a $3 million project to transform their glass windows and glass ceilings into bird-safe glass. Over 20,000 square feet of bird-safe glass panes were donated to the Aviary.

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The new glass is coated on both sides to protect birds inside and outside of the Aviary. The unique glass coating creates a frosty, opaque look that is both beautiful and bird-friendly, letting in vast amounts of natural light.

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