Unique Glass Gifts for Christmas

If people on the naughty list are supposed to get coal, we think people on the nice list should get glass! If you’re looking for unique and meaningful gift ideas this holiday season, Techni-Glass can help.

Here’s what Techni-Glass can offer:

Complete Customization

Every aspect of your project can be customized according to your needs. From the size and shape of the glass to the thickness and opacity of the glass and the texture and tint of the glass – nothing is off limits. We also offer a range of glass cutting and engineering capabilities like digital printing, beveling, tempering, stenciling, edging, and so much more.

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Professional Guidance

Our expert team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and products possible. From ideation to the end product, we work closely with our customers through every step of the project. If you have an idea, but you’re not sure where to start, we can help you get there.

Examples: Sample Industries We Work With

Unlimited Possibilities

With Techni-Glass, there are no orders too small or lead times too short. If you have a special order, we will rise to the occasion. It would be impossible for us to list every capability or product option, because the possibilities are truly limitless. If you can think of it, Techni-Glass can bring it to life. However, we’ve listed some of the possibilities below.

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Unique Glass Gifts

1. Glass Photographs

Using our intricate digital printing process, we can immortalize any photograph in glass.

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2. Custom Mirror

Print any image, design, or border on a mirror.

3. Glass Jewelry

We can put your design on custom glass pendants with a hole for a necklace chain.

4. Custom Table Top

We can work with you to create completely unique furniture you won’t find anywhere else.

5. Dry Erase Boards

Have you ever seen glass dry-erase boards? Customized with a name, logo, or image, this is the perfect gift for teachers, students, creatives, and professionals.

 6. Art Prints on Glass

Bring your art to life on glass. In addition to one-off orders, we can also work with artists to produce mass glass prints that can be resold or distributed.

Case Study: Custom Glass Art for Intellithought

Let’s Create

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